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National legislation

The basic legal regulation containing rules aimed at combating money laundering and terrorist financing adopted at the national level is the Act No. 253/2008 Coll. of 5 June 2008 on Selected Measures against Legitimisation of Proceeds of Crime and Financing of Terrorism (hereinafter „AML Act“).

Another important law following the AML Act is the Act No. 37/2021 Coll. of 19 January 2021 on the Registration of Beneficial Owners.

The central register of accounts, as central database of basic information on accounts held by credit institutions for their clients, shall operate in the Czech Republic from 2018. It is governed by the Act No. 300/2016 Coll. of 24 August 2016 on Central Register of Accounts.

The implementation of the provisions of the AML Act relating to the system of internal rules for obliged entities which are financial institutions subject to the relevant sectoral regulations of the Czech National Bank, is ensured by a decree of the Czech National Bank No. 67/2018 Coll. Of 11 April 2018 on selected requirements for the system of internal rules, procedures and control measures against legitimization of proceeds of crime and financing of terrorism.

Currently applicable law

Methodical instructions

The following methodical instructions of the Financial Analytical Office are designated for obliged entities stipulated in the AML Act.

  • Methodical Instruction No. 1 – On the implementation of international sanctions in the context of the financing of terrorism
  • Methodical Instruction No. 3 – Determining the beneficial owner
  • Methodical Instruction No. 4 – Submission of a suspicious transaction report otherwise than by the MoneyWeb
  • Methodical Instruction No. 5 – Implementation of certain restrictive measures in respect of persons, entities and bodies subject to the decisions of the United Nations Security Council
  • Methodical Instruction No. 6– Performance of identification and customer due diligence by gambling operators.
  • Methodical Instruction No. 7 – Measures against Politically exposed persons + national list of PEP functions
  • Methodical Instruction No. 8 – Copy of identity cards for the purposes of the AML Act
  • Methodical Instruction No. 9 – Customer Due Diligence for credit and financial institutions